JFD Brokers Boosts Stock Trading with New Zero-Fee Offering

Limassol, 14. February 2019 – After the successful acquisition of the German-based ACON bank, the multi-asset fintech group introduces commission-free stock trading conditions and adds Dutch stocks to its product portfolio.

Historically stock trading has been an expensive endeavour for retail traders and investors. High fees charged by traditional brokers are oftentimes the difference between a winning and a losing share trade. Although technology has replaced many of the bottlenecks raising the cost of trading, these savings have not been passed onto end-clients and mostly kept on the brokers“ books as additional profit.

JFD Brokers is an innovative trading service provider challenging this status quo by introducing zero-fee stock trading for its clients. Effective immediately real stock trading with the company is totally commission-free. The new conditions come with no limitations to number of trades, minimum volumes, or additional monthly fees and charges. New and existing clients can take advantage of zero-fee stock trading by simply opening a JFD trading account.

„It has always been our goal to be at the forefront of fintech innovation and offer the best possible service for traders and investors. Cutting all commissions for stock trading is just the first step in our long-term vision to become a preferred financial service provider,“ explains Lars Gottwik, founder and CEO of JFD Brokers. He adds: „JFD is mostly comprised of forward-thinking Millennials and we know what the new generation expects when it comes to finance, technology and customer service.“

On top of the revolutionary new offer for stock trading, JFD Brokers has added new instruments to its product portfolio. Clients can now trade a selection of Dutch stocks via both MetaTrader 5 and Guidants platforms. This new addition brings the total number of real stocks offered by JFD to more than 600 from Germany, USA, and the Netherlands. The company also provides Forex and CFD trading on ETFs, Indices, Commodities, Cryptocurrencies and Bonds.

In 2018 JFD acquired the BaFin-regulated investment bank ACON Actienbank with offices in Munich and Frankfurt. With the completion and final approval of this transaction, the Group is now ready to meet the needs of both the young generations in terms of execution and investment services and the corporations with innovative capital and liquidity solutions.

More information on the new stock trading opportunities with JFD Brokers can be found at www.jfdbrokers.com.

About JFD Brokers:
JFD Brokers is a trading name of JFD Group Ltd. Launched in December 2011, the company is an internationally licensed global provider of multi-asset trading and investment solutions. The company operates a pure agency model with 100% DMA/STP execution, i.e. direct, anonymous and MiFID compliant post-trade transparent access to 20+ Tier1 Banks and Non-Bank LPs for a choice of 1000+ instruments with 8 asset classes. JFD is acknowledged by numerous independent sources as one of the fastest-growing and respected brokerage firms worldwide. Thanks to its core values of transparency, fairness and trust, many experienced retail investors consider the company as their best choice for self-trading, portfolio management and investment advisory solutions.

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