HTS Global AG helps to cope with the winter

In some regions of Germany, Switzerland and Austria as well as other countries there are tons of snow and there is no end in sight.

The snow masses lead to slipping, on steep driveways you may get the problem of getting stuck in the middle of the hill and can’t drive your car all the way to the top and roofs start to suffer under the heavy snow. This is exactly where the work of HTS Global AG is noticeable. The Swiss company has been producing high quality heating cables for many years to remedy such situations, says Fabian de Soet, Managing Director of HTS Global AG.

HTS Global AG has long been a leader in the heating cable industry thanks to its excellent quality and unbeatable value for money.

HTS Global AG is constantly working on inventing new heating cables and improving their assortment to offer even greater bandwidth to all its customers, continues Fabian de Soet. Even if the customer is not sure which product is the right one for him, he is always competently and friendly advised by the employees.

The products can be divided in self-regulating heating tapes and constant power heating tapes for industry as well as construction.

The current product catalog as well as the contact details can be found on the website:

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